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The companies producing Energy, the Oil Companies have serious cleaning challenges on the oil rigs, and with the flame retardant clothing worn by workers at drilling and pumping locations. FFT Technologies has developed products specifically formulated to address the special challenges of the energy industry

Our Features

FFT offers three groups of products for Energy Companies

  • Laundry Products which extend the life of the clothes, extend the life of washing machines and bring a higher level of clean to the clothing. FFT Laundry products remove residual petroleum allowing the material to breathe and eliminating the flammability of clothes.
  • FFT Solution, a Petroleum Cleaning Agent for cleaning rigs and tools without caustic chemicals.
  • Oily Water Remediation A system that prepares oily water for offshore discharge eliminating the need to transport oily water to shore.

Using FFT Laundry and Cleaning Products will assure you the lowest total cost of operation.



FFT Cleaning Overview


Crude Oil prices continue to drop & drillers are looking for real cost savings. FFT Laundry products can deliver thoes savings while improving conditions for workers. Click for information
FFT Laundry

FFT Technologies Product Divisions


Each of the FFT Technology product divisions listed below provide solutions based on our plant based technologies and each are providing more value per dollar than traditional solutions. The links below will bring you to the other product divisions.